20 White Makeup Brush
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100% Brand new

1. Super Large Fan Brush (Goat)
2. Super Large Powder Brush (Goat)
3. Large Powder Brush (Goat)
4. Large Angled Powder Brush (Goat)
5. Super Large Shadow Brush (Goat)
6. Large Round Shadow Brush (Goat)
7. Large Round Shadow Brush?(Goat)
8. Cylindrical Brush (Goat)
9. Round Shadow Brush (Goat)
10. Round Shadow Brush (Goat)
11. Square Shadow Brush (Goat)
12. Small Round Shadow Brush (Goat)
13. Mini Round Shadow Brush (Goat)
14. Lipliner Brush (Goat)
15. Lipstick Brush (Goat)
16. Eyeliner Brush (Goat)
17. Angled Eyebrow Brush (Pony)
18. Eye Applicator Brush (Silky-soft foam)
19. Mascara brush (Nylon)
20. Lash comb & brow comb/cake mascara duo (dual tip brush) (Nylon)

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