32 Black Makeup Brush Set
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0 reviews

100% Brand New

Comes with a handy and portable roll up leather case, and each brush packed in a plastic bag.

These sets are purchased directly from the factory who serves many world's famous brand cosmetic company and they are printed with their logos.

6 x The specifications Blush / Powder Brush

14 x The specifications eyeshadow brush

3 x Concealer Brush Angle

1 x eyebrow brush

1 x Sponge Eye Shadow Brush

1 x Lip Liner Brush

1 x Eyebrow comb brush

2 x Eye Liner Brush

1 x Eyelash comb brush

1 x Lip Brush

1x Extra brush

Bag size: 24 * 15.5 * 5cm (folded)

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